Wickford School Days, Beauchamps School Reunions & Rememberence

In 2002 I received an invite from Trevor Faulkner to attend a Beauchamps School Reunion at The Rettendon Bell PH.

I have to admit to some trepidation as I walked in as I had not been the nicest kid at school, was convinced someone would have remembered and I might be facing 'judgement day'.

As it turned out, it was one of the best nights of my life.

To meet up with old friends after all those years was absolute magic. Not only that, the atmosphere was so cordial and convivial, that we all ended up speaking to so many people that we had only known from afar. A big thank you goes out to all that took the time to arrange them.


2000 - Rettendon Bell - Rettendon

2001 - Rettendon Bell - Rettendon

2002 - Runwell Hospital Social Club

2002 - Rettendon Bell - Rettendon

2003 - Rettendon Bell - Rettendon

2004 - Rettendon Bell - Rettendon

2013 - Downham Arms - Wickford

2013 - Sweethearts Wine Bar - S.W.F


There are also pages in this section that feature old school photos (not just restricted to Beauchamps School), Wickford Ex-Pats and also dedicated to the memory of dear departed friends