Pattaya Golf


Asia Pattaya Golf Afternoons



On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons a group of us meet at the Asia Pattaya Hotel at 15.45 for a round of golf.


 The course at Dong Tarn Beach is a compact, 9 Hole - Par 3. Although it doesn't sound much, it’s quite challenging as most of the greens are raised with some well sloped and so good for the short game.


All great afternoon, topped off with a welcome wet in Orr's Diamond Bar over the road.


Course fees are 360 baht plus 100 baht for a set of 4 clubs if needed and balls and tees we have a plenty, so no need to buy them.


Should you wish to play a serious round, there are many bars that can arrange ia round on a non-profit basis.


Just a small charge for transport plus the usual course & caddy fees.