Yacht Delivery - Toulon to Corfu

Toulon, France - Saturday 27th March 1999



Under a grey sky we check and provision "Minos", a brand new Dufour 35 in readiness to deliver her to her owners, Odysseus, a Greek flotilla company based in Corfu.



Monday 29th March 

Left to Right - Myself, Dennis (the Skipper), Arthur, Mick and Dave just prior to setting sail for Corsica.

Weather forecast is reasonable.

Ha bloody ha!



Eight hours out from Toulon and the wind gets up and veers round until its astern. By midnight its increased to force nine, gusting force ten. Dave and Dennis spend the night fighting with the wheel, trying to prevent us broaching as we surf down the waves.

Me, I am just plain sea sick and spend the night on the cabin floor in shutdown mode.



Dave in the early hours resting in the lea of Corsica. 

Completely knackered, bless him!



Sanctuary, Macinaggio on the north east Corsican coast and a day to recover


Tuesday 30th March

We depart Corsica for Italy but the wind veers again, this time on the nose and after making little headway we turn back for Elba.



Arthur peering into the gloom for the port as the light fails



We leave Elba Thursday morning, call in at Ercole in Italy for a few hours then run down towards Naples arriving on Saturday 4th on the Isle of Capri. We sailed from Capri and arrived in the early hours at the active volcanic island of Stromboli to see it spewing lava out of the summit.



We pass through the Straights of Messina between Italy and Sicily and after a day in Reggio we set sail on the last leg to Corfu. The sun finally puts in an appearance and we watch a school of dolphins swim alongside us. To top off the day, after watching a couple of Tornado jets refuel above us, one of the tankers swoops down to buzz us no more than 100 feet above the water and departs with a waggle of his wings.



The last supper.



Sunset off Corfu. We finally arrive in Corfu in the early hours of Wednesday March 8th



Over the next few days we take the opportunity to explore the island before flying home.



The Wild Bunch Ride Out



The Wild Bunch by the Sea



Saturday 10th April

With Pat, the local delivery skipper at the helm, we cadge a lift to Previsa, a port 12 hours further down the mainland coast. The trip is nearly over and the following morning we say good-bye to Dennis who is staying on for the season.


Sunday 12th April 1999

We are booked on a midday flight home which turns out to be the first holiday flight into Greece from the UK. As there are no holiday makers to take back we find we are the only passengers on the aircraft and so enjoy a 386 seater DC10 all to ourselves, thus bringing to a close a brilliant trip.


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