This is Nazgul, a 26ft Telstar trimaran and the first boat I got involved in.



Dave, Arthur and myself came across Nazgul in a yard in Brightlingsea (originally named Trinity IIRC) in 1996 where she had been left to deteriorate after having been shipped back from Manila in the Philippines. She was full of rain water, the whole interior was covered in mildew, there was damage to one of the sponsons but she had potential.



After acquiring her we started to clean her up, but as usual, got carried away and ended up giving her a complete restoration which include a top to toe exterior respray in two pack Ford Diamond White and completely stripping out the interior to re-stain and re-lacquer the woodwork with a spraygun finish.

We had a year of fun sailing Nazgul before selling her on in 1997


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