Tow Launch Accuracy Paragliding

Following the two holidays of free flying in Turkey I diversified into Accuracy Flying for a short time (see

This consists of a winch or vehicle tow into wind on a ram air canopy, a release at around a 1000 feet, a turn to the Downwind Leg followed by a turn into Base Leg, before turning into wind for Finals and an attempt to land on a 30cm electronic target pad. 

Around the pad, circles are market out at 0.5m, 5m and 10m. Fichet judges mark the exact spot where the pilot landed and the strike judges confirm the first point of contact. A score is awarded according to how close the pilot lands to Dead Centre.

Initially I flew with the Green Dragons and then joined the Kent Kestrals. The Kestrals flying venue at Swanley was much closer to Essex and therefore more conveneint but the owners eventually turned it into a golf course which was a shame. Had we not lost the venue I would have flown a lot more but the Kestrals disbanded and that was that. 

But although Accuracy Flying was short lived, it did lead me to Hang Gliding so as usual, when something goes awry, I moved on.