Microlighting in Pattaya

During my first year in Pattaya I decided it was too easy to get into the bar scene groove and spend all night drinking and all day in bed so I did a bit of rooting around and found Eastern Flying Club about 11 kilometres east of the city - ( see Google Maps - 12.902404,100.933199 )

I started to take lessons and soon after returned to the UK where I sourced a 20 year old Pegasus Q and had it shipped to Thailand. The Q being quite old was very cramped but luckily the lessons were in a Pegasus Quantum (far more leg room) so that was a pleasure and eventually I passed the exams and gained my Flex Wing Ultra-light licence.

The Q turned out to be nothing but trouble. She was a bitch to fire up due to the timing always drifting, there was no electric start so it was by manual pull cord only and by the time we did get it going, everyone was cream crackered. I did however have a good three hour flight down to Trat and a flight across to Koh Chang Island where we enjoyed buzzing White Sands Beach, but the journey back the next day had the engine miss firing all the way. After the initial fright I figured that if I flew from clearing to clearing, at a height I could glide in from if it cut out, I could probably make it back to Pattaya. I decided to carry on but the climb up over the mountains was a heart in the mouth job as the engine by now, missing big style and banging away like a good un!

That was the decider. On my return I accepted I had had a result getting back but felt continuing on with an old plane was tempting providence. It went up for sale, it found a new owner, and its still flying as far as I know (but not with me in it).

A year or so later I did buy another plane, just 3 years old, but at that time, the officials in the DCA in Bangkok (Department of Aviation), were being as awkward as they could in processing our paperwork (apparently someone from our airfield had upset them sometime in the past and it was their way of getting revenge). After a nearly year of obstructive bureaucracy, which affected us all, I decided it wasn't worth the effort and sold it on.

I can still go flying anytime I wish but to be honest, that and some trumped up charges for illegal flying against my mates left such a bad taste in my mouth that I have stayed well away. Micro-light flying is possible in Thailand but its not exactly made as easy as it is in the West.

For those that are still interested, take a look at the pics below and enjoy the video Gerry & Dao Boyle posted up on You Tube


Gerry & Jinny


Andy & Passenger


Pre Take Off Checks


Clear for Take Off


Power On


Lift Off


Level Out


Approaching South Jomtien Beach


Looking North along Jomtien Beach


Jomtien Beach


Nusa Plaza Hotel / Jomtien Fishing Park


Jomtien Beach


Jomtien Beach Hotel


Pattaya Park


Dongtan Beach looking North


Approaching Cosy Beach


Looking North at Royal Cliffs Beach Resort


Royal Cliffs Beach Resort


Pattaya Exhibition Hall & Royal Cliffs Beach Resort


Royal Cliff Garden looking North


Royal Cliff Garden looking South


Bali Hai Pier


Bali Hai Pier - Speed Boat Park


Walking Street


Mikes Shopping Mall - Soi 12


Mikes Shopping Mall - Soi 12


Markland Condotel - A1 Royal Ship Hotels - Soi 1 & 2


Wongamat Beach


Palm Beach / Sanctuary of Truth


Sanctuary of Truth


Naklua Pier

Looking back over Pattaya


Mini Siam - Thailand


Mini Siam - Thailand


Mini Siam – Rest of the World


Mini Siam – Rest of the World


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