One afternoon whilst off duty,  I popped into Basildon Fire Station I and bumped into Bob Torrey & Keith Calvert who asked me if I knew anything about hang-gliding as they fancied giving it a go. I told them no, but as I was off over the town, I said Exchange & Mart would be a good bet for the info. Unfortunately it had had an overhaul and there was no listing. A trip to the local library was more successful and I returned with the address & telephone number for the British Hang-gliding Association (BHA now the BMMA). They thanked me and I thought that was that.

A year later I transferred from White Watch to the Green and over a cuppa, asked them how they got on. Turns out they started to learn paragliding but the British weather had beaten then and they had only gained Elementary Pilot status.

A year later Keth asked me if I would like to join him and Bob Torrey on a paragliding holiday cxome course in Turkey.

From that experience I ended up learning to paragliding, parascending, hang gliding and micro-lighting. Although my time in each discpline of was short, I did enjoy the experience and through my continued friendship with mates in the flying fraternity out here in Thailand, I am able to fly anytime I wish.