L'Ondine - Mid Rhone

We re-enter the Rhone and head North to Lyon.



The bike we inherited with L'Ondine came in handy on many occasions for ferrying back provisions from town, especially when it came to carrying the gas cylinder. 



This was one of the hydro-electric power stations we passed through on the way up river.

The lock is awesome and was designed to allow passage of the massive barges and river cruisers that ply the Rhone.

We were dwarfed!



This barge rig must be in the region of  600 feet long.

Each dumb barge carried 40 x 40 feet & 8 x 20 feet containers.

We were amazed when it poked its head out as it just kept coming and coming.

Once clear of the lock the pusher's bridge telescopically rises to give the helmsman a clear view of the river ahead.


Some of the many river cruisers that we saw on the Rhone.



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