L'Ondine - Lower Rhone

From the Canal du Rhone a Set, we entered into the River Rhone and headed North.



As mentioned earlier, the dingy weighed a ton and was causing considerable drag so we decided to try and get it onboard utilising the anchor winch. We came across a derelict jetty and went alongside.  



The plan was to hoist the anchor up on to the deck, unshackle it to free up the winch cable and try use it to hoist the dingy onboard. Getting the anchor on deck was not easy and could easily of caused injury to gloved hands but we managed it.

We then hung a block off the jetty, lashed the stern of the barge to a tree on the bank to stop it moving forward and tried to hoist the dingy high enough to enable us to ease the barge forward under the dingy and lower it onto the foredeck.

Not a chance, the winch was just not up to the job.



It looked like were going to have to tow it all the way back to England.



This was the entrance to the first of the large commercial locks we had to pass through.

We thought this was big.



After letting the commercial barge 'Ocean'  through, it was our turn.



Due to the massive currents and under tows generated when flooding the locks, lifejackets are compulsery within the lock.



After leaving the lock we saw a big pusher barge rig coming down the river with a car on deck so we figured if their crane can lift that, it can lift our little dingy and so we flagged them down.

They stopped, agreed to help so we went alongside and they dropped it on our foredeck






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