L'Ondine's - Interior

L'Ondine is a steel Dutch Barge built in 1927 by Steilsteven. She is 70' long, has a 13'3" beam and is powered by a 125hp DAF diesel engine.

She has 2 double cabins, a master cabin forward and second double cabin forward on the starboard side and her interior is fitted out in reclaimed wood. The wheelhouse doubles as a galley & kitchen



Aftermath of the exploding pipe work when the generator ran out of fuel and we didn't notice co's the lights were still running off the batteries.

The pipe work from the boiler to the radiators was a mixture of brass and plastic. This probably would have been adequate under normal circumstances but when the pump stopped pumping, the temperature in the pipes shot up, resulting in the pipe melting, bursting and filling the lower deck with a cloud of steam.

Luckily for us, we were all up top in the wheelhouse at the time so no injuries but it did make us jump when it went.



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