L'Ondine - Avignon

On the way up the Rhone we decided to call into Avignon.

We knew nothing about it other than its association with the song so we were well surprised to round the bend and discover half a medieval bridge. It was built between 1171 & 1185 but suffered frequent collapses and rebuilds. Finally a flood in 1668 put the final nail in its coffin and it was withdrawn from use.

There are now only 4 of the original 22 arches remaining.



We tied up against the town quay and went ashore to restock with food. What an exquisite place and such a shame we didn’t have more time to explore and take more photos.



The following morning we woke at sunrise to be greeted with the magical sight of swirls of steam rising off the surface of the water like smoke.

Pure magic.



We motored back past the bridge in the half light before once again heading North to Lyon.



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