Dartford Dave's Suzuki GSXR1100 Drag Kart

This was 'Dartford' Dave Hersey's GSXR100 drag kart.



It ran a Suzuki GSXR1100 and was a work of art.

Hid Dad, Dave senior, constructed working scale steam locomotives as a hobby and therefore had built up full engineering facilities over the years. And it certainly showed. The construction was superb and Dave, having his own bodyshop, finished it all off with a great flame paint job.

This kart was fitted with nitrous oxide, a 2 stage Dyna rev limiter, air shift and a magic box that changed gear at the dialled in revs, counted gearchanges, opened the nitrous solenoids in the selected gears and retarded the ignition to suit. Initially it wasn't able to beat my best run as it was plagued by gremlins but it was only a matter of time before I got my ass whipped!



Over time, Dave ran faster and faster, culminating in the following run at Santa Pod


0 to 60 ft     ............   1.03 sec's

0 to 330 ft   ............   3.77sec's

1/8 mile       ............   6.08 @ 106 mph

1/4 mile       ............   9.83 @ 128 mph


The kart was only running 50% NOS when he achieved that time but after an outing to Spar in Belgium,, Dave upped the dose to full whack. The first run using nitrous in first gear had the front airborne and nearly flipped it but luckily the chain broke and it slammed back down. THe next time out it was sporting wheeley bars LOL




The Bug Jam saw a run of 9.27 seconds at 133mph over the 1/4 mile, with a 5.68 second, 660 foot.


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