Dave & Andy Moss - Honda CBR600 Drag Kart

 This was Dave & Andy Moss's kart that started me off at North Weald.



It has run many engines over the years including a Suzuki 550, 2 stroke triple, a GS550 and the CBR600 lump that powers it in these pics.



Best run was 11.75 sec's @ 112mph and it was consistently in the low twelve's with next to no maintenance whatsoever.

Dave is soley into his boats now and so sold her on to Dartford Daves mate, who ran her in a new livery of "matt black", complete with a black rat sitting atop the airbox .... #:0)



There is a movie that shows the kart crashing into the barrier at the top end of the strip. 

Seems the driver was OK but looks like the kart was totalled.

It can be seen on You Tube but turn the volume down first as it's a bit on the loud side.


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