Bulldog Bash 2000

One afternoon I get a call from 'Dartford' Dave asking if I fancy taking the drag karts to the Bulldog Bash at Avon Park Raceway (now Shakespeare County Raceway).

'Yep, I'me up for it' so Dave gets us complimentary tickets and so on the Thursday I load up the Speedfighter into the back of the van, hook up the kart trailer and head off to Warwickshire.

On arrival I am surprised to be given an Access All Areas pass (excluding the Hells Angels personal area).

I am then directed down to the pits where I set up camp behind the fire up area. Later the SUKBOG peeps arrive and I meet up with them in the camping area adjacent to the the finish line at the top of the strip.



The plan was to ride back to Wickford on the Bandit the following morning to attend 'Dink' Wraytons' funeral  but time flew by and it was four in the morning before I knew it. I headed off to bed with the best intentions but a king-size hangover put paid to that plan. I hope you forgive me Paul but it had been booked for a long time. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to appologise personally the other side when its my turn to cross over.

After surfacing and meeting up with Dave, we are informed by the track Marshalls thae there will be a drag racing show three times a day between Run What You Brungs and would we open it.

Chuffed - this weekend was getting better and better.



Well nothing comes for free  co's having replaced the rear brake calliper that Adrian had removed proved a problem. I  had almost no brakes.

Throughout the weekend I spent most of each day trying to bleed them out and adjust the front callipers to take up slack but to no avail. In truth, the chassis was old, so were the brakes, and the master cylinder was too small to hold enough brake fluid to fully fill three callipers.

Bottom line was I had to run the weekend with no brakes without the Marshals twigging. Somehow I got through scrutineering and was passed 'safe to run".

Next problem was not to cross the start line after the burn out as that would have given the game away. That entailed starting the burn out far enough back to enable me to stop. I nearly pushed that pedal right through the nose fairing LOL.

Anyway, got away with it and prayed there was enough run off area at the top of the strip to be able to stop. First run proved my fears unfounded as the was plenty of room to slow her down using engine braking alone so I ran for the whole weekend without them. Just had to be a bit careful manoeuvring around the pit area   ...   #;0)



The highlight was being back to the start line in time to see the rest of the show from 'ringside'.

Standing right next to 'Smax's 5000 bhp nitro burning Funny Car and the Fireforce Jet Cars during their runs was about as close to drag racing heaven I could ever get. Awesome!


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