Drag Kart - Ah La Kart

Ah La Kart - Blown Honda K4

Steve Page from Colchester runs "AH- LA-KART" built in 1987 using a 1972 Barlotti chassis.

Powered by a methanol burning Honda K4 engine (bored out from 250cc to 425cc) mounted alongside the seat, it is fitted with a Shorrock Supercharger running 12psi boost with a compression ratio of 8.9 to 1.

Best run has been 12.4 seconds @ 98mph at Santa Pod but is now on its limit so Steve plans to build a new Fireblade powered kart from scratch, as and when time, funds, and other projects permit.



Ah La Kart was sold and the engine went into a bike, sans blower, so is no more.

Steve moved over to bikes in 2006 and runs a GSXR running low nines.






Look out for Steve at The Pod


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