Kawasaki z650 / z750 Streetfighter

After selling the Gull-Arm I still had a hankering for another bike but with limited funds it had to be a bit older.

I perused Bike Trader for ages trying to find something cheapish that looked a little different from the rest when I came across an advert for a mono-shocked Kawasaki z650 fitted with z750 engine. Having decided that it fitted the bill I parted with £1,000.

It had originally been a twin shock design but the rear swing arm had been modified to take a mono-shock set up. It had rear-sets, a Harris track exhaust, custom seat and had been dynojeted for extra power.



I didn't like the twin bug eye headlights so replaced them with an Acerbis twin spot fairing and fitted a set of blue Superbars and bar ends.



I then re-profiled the front mudguard, removing the ugly feature in the process, and resprayed it a Rover metallic blue. I also replaced the track baffle (mega loud) with a street item which although still on the noisy side, was not excessive!

Was the mono-shock conversion a success? No way. The ride was so hard that it might just as well have had a solid rear end. Hit a bump and it was like being kicked up the backside by a mule. To be honest it was a total disaster.

I spent a while trying to figure out how to make it more comfortable but before I got around to sorting it, I won the Brigade Car Draw. Rather than accepting the car, I took the money equivalent, a nice £9,500

A friend then showed me his new B12 and now having the funds, I just had to have one. The Kwaka went up for sale and to be honest, I was glad to see the back of it.



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