Suzuki Bandit B1200 Speedfighter

This is how the Bandit B1200 looked when I bought it new in September 1999.



As you can see from Fido Dido logo on the home page, 'Normal's Boring', so I promptly set about modding it.



Having been inspired by a beautiful custom bike in Streetfighter magazine created by Frank Barrow, this how it ended up.



I purchased Peugeot Speedfighter front fairing and hung it on the front in place of the standard round headlight. I mounted twin Halfords oval spots inside the headlamps for dipped beam and a further pair hung underneath for main beam. I originally had all four on for main beam but they drew more than the alternator could supply and drained the battery within a few miles so it was rewired to switch between them.



The standard bars were changed for gold anodised Drag Bars mounted on inch and a half polished ally risers. I didn't find the Drag Bars very comfortable so they were later replaced with Renthal Dakar Mediums. The clutch & brake levers were replaced with carbon look jobbies and mini indicators replace the standard items. The rear pegs were also changed for tapered alloy items from M&P.



 The paintwork was applied by myself and was red candy stained lacquer over silver base and red candy stained lacquer over gold base. 

Graphics were stenciled in using the 'Aladdin' font.



The wheels were sprayed with the same red candy stained lacquer over gold base, fading out from hub to rim.

The rearsets were fully adjustable gold anodised items from Harris Performance complete with carbon fibre heel plates.



The engine & fuel cap bolts have were gold anodised items from Mr. Fastener. The engine fins were filed and polished. The seat was from Bum Wraps and was lowered by an inch and three quarters with further reshaping in the pillion area.

The pillion pegs were MFW items, the belly pan was from Pyramid Plastics and the can was a Micron round carbon.


The 2 inch airbox mod had been carried out and the main jets were been changed from 112.5's to 127.5's with the needles lifted to their highest position.

The front forks were fitted with Hagon progressive fork springs.

One of the highlights of owning that bike was discovering the Suzuki UK Bandit Owners Group (SUKBOG) on the web. A collection of great guys ("unisex term", say's he, ducking....#:0) who went out of there way to be friendly, helpful and sociable.

Although the newsgroup is no longer,  we still remain in touchall these years later.


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