Jomo's World

Hi peeps, names John Morrish better known as JohnnyMo in the UK, and as JoMo out here in Thailand.

When I decided to learn to build websites back around 98/99, the first thing I needed was content. After pondering a while I realised that the one subject I didn't have to research was myself. Now this might appear to be a bit self-indulgent, but it left me free to discover how web pages were constructed & linked together and so over time, Jomo's World took shape and evolved. When I learnt to build 'dynamic' database driven sites in 2011 I decided it was an ideal opportunity to chronicle my life and to acknowledge the influence that so many good friends have had on it. Thanks to all of you, you all helped shaped my life.

Having been born in Oldchurch Hospital Romford Essex in May 1951 I spent my first 5 years at Harold Hill, before moving to Wickford in 1956. I attending Irvon Hill Infants, Market Road Juniors & Beauchamps Secondary Modern before leaving school at 15. Did the usual rounds of local factory & London office jobs before joining the Merchant Navy at 16 as Laundry Boy. After eight months I came ashore only to rejoin in 1973.  I spent a further five years at sea and after leaving, joined the Fire Service six months later in 1978. For the most part I led a normal humdrum kind of life. Got married, got divorced, in and out of relationships etc the decided that the freedom a single life gave suited me better and stayed that way for nearly 25 years.

Aged 39, I spent a weekend away in Newquay with the lads of White Watch Colchester where I learnt to surf. I was never going to be on Baywatch but it made me realize that things that appeared at first glance to be the domain of the rich & gifted were achievable if only I put my mind to it. There were so many things I had fancied trying that I felt that if I didn't make a start, then one day it might be too late. Since then I have enjoyed paragliding, hangliding, microlighting, biking, drag racing, sailing, and had a dabble at skiing, snowboarding and kayaking.

Having retired from the fire service at 52 I now live in Thailand, enjoy walking, cycling and working out every day tfor the body and Forex trading for the mind.

So a warm welcome to Jomo's World and hope you enjoy the site.